corinCorin Edman is a band formed by me, Corin, and my college friend Edman. We used to sing in college together in Kansas. From those days we knew that we could make something bigger. So, here we are with our band that has millions of fan followers throughout the world now.

We used to play in local restaurants and bars, charity programs and other local events. We got our first big break in the year 2000 when we were approached by a record company. We had our first album in the following year.

From the very beginning, we thought that our music was different. We were right; people gave us a very positive feedback after the release of our first album. We started touring the world after that and there was no stopping since then. Our first tour after the release of our first album was in London and we were shocked by to see the huge number of fans there. After coming back from our first tour, we started working on our second album. We have released a total of eight albums till date.

Our passion for music is what drives us to create better music for our audience. You can listen to our tracks online now. Soon, we are going to upload our songs in this website also. We are traveling round the world this year. Find out when we are coming to your city!