Bass Guitar

How to Choose the Right Bass Guitar for You

Bass guitar adds richness and style to any kind of music. And if you happen to be a musician and you want to play the instrument, having the right bass guitar for you is a must. When you search the market, you often find yourself confused which one to buy.

Construction and Design

Having some knowledge with a bass guitar’s construction and design is definitely useful as this can help you in choosing the right instrument to have. Knowing how it is built and designed can help you pick the right choice.

The bass guitar is composed of the following parts:

Neck: As with any guitar, the bass guitar also has a neck comprised of fretboard, headstock and internal truss rod that is connected to the body of the instrument.

Headstock: It features the wide portion where the strings end at the tuning pegs. This is where you adjust every string to change the pitch.

Fretboard: Also known as the fingerboard, this is thin wood that is usually made of ebony, maple or rosewood. The best kind of fretboard is the one that is dense, durable and smooth.

Truss Rod: To prevent the neck from twisting, there is a metal truss inside. One of the differences between guitar and bass is that the strings of bass guitar are thicker. With the truss rod adjustments, it straightens the neck.

Types of Bass Necks

There are 3 different kinds of bass guitar necks including the bolt-on neck, set, neck and thru-body neck. Most of the bass guitars that you can find in the market bolt-on neck. The use of these bolts is that it makes the neck stable so that it won’t shift.

Choosing the Right Bass Guitar

When buying a bass guitar, here are some tips to follow:

  • First is you buy a bass guitar that you can afford. You do not necessarily have to go for the most expensive one. This is practical especially if you are just beginning to learn how to play the instrument.
  • Buy a bass guitar that best fit your hands. For instance, if you have small hands, it is strongly recommended that you choose for a short-scale bass.
  • There are bass guitars that are fretless but they can be challenging. So, when buying a bass guitar, you need to go for a fretted instrument.
  • There are bass guitars that have difficult controls. Find one that has simple controls. This enables you to focus on the guitar strings instead of being disturbed by the knobs.
  • Bass guitar rocks and you want your instrument to match your style. Find that bass guitar that has a nice shape and color. Choose one that appeals to you. Keep in mind that a nice looking bass guitar is not equated to a better sounding guitar. Then again, if it looks cool, you will definitely be motivated to play more.

Testing the Guitar

When you finally know the right bass guitar for you, it is now time for you to go to the shop and to test it for yourself. You need to be able to hold it and play the instrument so you know if it is the right instrument for you. When it feels right, it feels right.

4 tips for hiring musicians

People now hire musicians for different events. If you hire a musician without any plan or research your event might turn into a disaster. Here are some tips for hiring musicians.

  • Discuss about the styles of music you want for your event. 1The musicians today are very helpful and they will clearly identify styles that they can perform. There are some bands which specialize in a particular style. If you find that the musicians cannot perform the style you want then they can refer you to someone else.
  • Ask the musicians whether it’s possible to see one of their live performances. 2As you are buying a performance, it is best to see a performance to judge whether the musician is good or bad.  If it’s not possible to watch a live performance, then you can ask for demo recordings. Live performances are, however, better. Demos may use software to make the music better. Listening to live or demo performances will help you to make an informed decision.
  • Pricing varies between different musicians. 3The price often reflects the band’s experience and popularity. The length the event affects the pricing too. You need to finalize the price before the event.
  • The equipment needs of the musicians vary depending on the venue, timing, nature of the event and the number of guests. 4You need to communicate with the musicians regarding this matter. You need to know what kinds of setup they need and see whether it’s possible for you to arrange it. Musicians require a lot of arrangement to play live music. The band needs sufficient time to set up their instruments. So, you need to take this into account.If the arrangement is not satisfactory then the performance of the band won’t be good.

So, if you want to hire any musician for your big event, then consider the points discussed above for choosing the right musician.