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We would love to play live music for you anytime. Whether it’s a family event or a corporate event, you can book us to make your event more memorable and enjoyable. You will love the type of music we play; it’s unique. We can guarantee that the audience will love our music too.

We have a big library of music from which we play. The library includes songs from our albums, classics, modern music, and requests from our clients. We will discuss about the selection songs with you once you confirm you booking with us. We choose songs depending on the type of event. We include songs of our choice and yours as well. We always have a section where we play ‘crowd pleasers’, that is songs requested by the audiences.

We have a total of six members in our band. We require enough space and a nice stage to perform. We need vehicular access close to the venue as it will be easier for us to bring in our musical instruments. We need electrical supply on state to plug in our instruments and a few chairs as well.

Our rates vary according to the duration of the program and the type of the program. We always try to give you a competitive price. In case of charitable events, we only demand our costs to be reimbursed. Please contact us to discuss your event. We can decide on the date, time and fees once we meet. You can also send us an email and mention your requirements. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you!