We are totally booked this year with our grand Europe Tour. Don’t miss the chance of hearing our great songs live. Here are the venues where we are going to play music this year.

Bercy Arena, Paris, France


We will rock the stage in Bercy Arena on 2nd March this year. The configuration and stage design will give fans an extraordinary audio and visual experience.

Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


This is a huge indoor arena with more than 17,000 seats available. Artists love to perform here. Many award functions were held here. We are going to be there on 4th April, 2016.

O2 Arena, London, UK


We have always loved this venue. We are happy to get the opportunity to share the stage with many popular UK brands on June 22 this year.

Marcedes Benz Arena, Berlin, Gemany


Since its opening in 2008, the venue has been popular among the musicians. The crowd is simply awesome. You will love the use of lighting used graphics in this venue. We are going there on August 12 this year.

If you like our music then don’t miss this opportunity to hear us perform live. There will be other very talented bands performing with us. We hope 2016 will be a great year for all of us.